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"4 Fists" - LP

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With "4 Fists" Sane's Medicine released their debut album at the end of 2020.

16 tracks on more than 50 minutes transport the feeling of longing from your childhood, when you still liked to stay at home and watch Westerns all day long, into the year 2020, because right now the desire for just such a carefree time is especially strong. Wanderlust is also a theme.

As for the music: it's pretty loud, powerful, danceable and anarchically defies the classic Hip-Hop structures again and again, without straying too far from the tried-and-true modular principle. Songs for breakers and clubs that no longer exist are included. But also songs for sitting on the sofa, dreaming, playing a fictional western in your cerebral cinema and forgetting where you are and what's currently going on. Imagine Wu-Tang Clan and Snowgoons meeting up in Damu the Fudgemunk's Basement, collaborating on a western soudtrack. Thousands of small, barely audible details in each song combined with invasively catchy melodies result in a listening experience that doesn't diminish even after multiple repetitions.

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