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"Hold" - Single

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"Hold" by Sane's Medicine is a single that perfectly captures the end-of-summer vibe with its hard-hitting instrumental boom bap and catchy, cheesy vocals in the hook. The song evokes memories of the sun-soaked days of summer and the carefree feeling that comes with it.

From the first beat, the song grabs your attention with its driving rhythm and energetic melody. The instrumental is filled with layers of sound, from the thumping bassline to the soaring synths and funky guitar riffs. The percussion is tight and precise, adding to the song's overall groove.

The vocals in the hook are the perfect complement to the instrumental. They are simple and catchy, staying with you long after the song is over. The lyrics are uplifting and encourage listeners to hold on to the good times and memories of the summer that has just passed.

Overall, "Hold" is a fun and upbeat song that will get you moving and feeling good. Its infectious energy and catchy hook make it a perfect addition to any summer playlist or party. Sane's Medicine has delivered a single that is sure to become a fan favorite and leave listeners wanting more.

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